Look at the tiny light switch on the left to get an idea of the size of this mural.  This jet was photographed while it was on the ground from a high vantage point to get the angle, then superimposed with a few tricks for realism, over some clouds I photographed on a rather stormy trip I took to Albuquerque.   This mural was done for a private charter company in Phoenix.

Below is the mural half way done with the photographs I took of the jet all over near the stuff I was painting.  Painting metal is especially tricky.  The paint needs to be blended perfectly, and the resources are very important.  Think of putting a puzzle together.  The each puzzle piece is important, and you do not get a painting of a jet, or whatever the metal object is, until the pieces are all fitted together precisely.  And forget what the subject is, just paint the shapes colors and values.   “It’s all just tricks!”DSC01957.JPG