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The Art of Juliana Hutchins

Classic Cars

Burmister Bldg Murals

I had the great honor of painting 7 murals depicting our history in Prescott in the building directly across the main entrance of the Courthouse. This building was thoughtfully restored by Cliff Petrovsky to be as much like it was back before the Great Depression. As a kid, the building was always Penneys and Woolworths,…

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GASSERS’ GARAGE This mural I just finished (2011) is on the side of a barn here in Prescott. It was inspired by this giant sign the client had gotten from her recently deceased brothers’ estate. His last name was Gasser, and he had it made to hang in this huge garage he had for all…

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  “Ride of My Dreams” was created after a trip to the Jackson-Barrett car show in Scottsdale AZ.  The place was a sensory banquet of color, texture and people passionate about their cars!  In this acrylic on deep canvas painting, I worked on integrating the cold hard steel and bright colors of the car with…

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DEER VALLEY AIRPORT MURAL painting progression

Deer Valley Airport Mural Day 1: This mural, started Feb 18th 2008 presented some logistical problems.  The mural measures 12’x5’2”, small by most of my murals standards, but it is in an awkward place, about 4’ from the ground on a wall that had quite a bit of texture, had a large built-in counter in…

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