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The Art of Juliana Hutchins

Airport Murals

EMBRY-RIDDLE 90th Aniv. Mural

EMBRY RIDDLE 90th ANIVERSARY MURAL I LOVE MY JOB! Especially working on this mural. It’s at the flight school by the Prescott Airport.  First, of course, I “had”to go flying to take the references I needed to get the correct angles and features and people requested. But the first time out, I was in the…

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WW2 Aviation Mural

WW2 AVIATION MURAL Like a lot of art/murals I do, I learned a lot from this one. Not only from the art aspect, but also from a historic point of view. I learned what kind of planes were used during WW2 and which ones were considered “cool”, like the P51 Mustangs, some with big teeth…

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LEARJET MURAL Look at the tiny light switch on the left to get an idea of the size of this mural.  This jet was photographed while it was on the ground from a high vantage point to get the angle, then superimposed with a few tricks for realism, over some clouds I photographed on a…

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DEER VALLEY AIRPORT MURAL painting progression

Deer Valley Airport Mural Day 1: This mural, started Feb 18th 2008 presented some logistical problems.  The mural measures 12’x5’2”, small by most of my murals standards, but it is in an awkward place, about 4’ from the ground on a wall that had quite a bit of texture, had a large built-in counter in…

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