Friend Donna and I were hanging out in Prescott waxing philosophical a couple of weeks ago and were discussing our lives, and how they seem to be just one “chapter” after another.  Little did I know that within a week another chapter would end and another would begin.

Of course I may be saying this from an egocentric point of view, but it seems that most people I know lead stable lives…they are born, are schooled, marry, have babies, a career, grandbabies and then die…a few little twists along the way, but nothing really that disrupts this basic pattern.  But me on the other hand?   Man oh man.  It’s a good thing I adapt to change relatively well or I’d be crazy by now.

But I’m quite sure it is for a reason.  Every chapter of my extremely full life has caused affect, always to me but also to the people I am surrounded by at the time.  Big effect from an eternal standpoint….things we need to learn, directions we need to change.

I remember about 7 years ago I had just survived 2 rather traumatic chapters, and as a result of those chapters, my learning and progress, skills and insights had made an incredible jump.  It was over, I had spent some time healing from the experience and now I felt wonderful.  My personal life was good, my kids were good, health, my career, finances, had a beautiful house, good friends…all was really well.   I recall looking up heavenward and thanking God for all of my blessings that I know he was responsible for me receiving.  I said “I feel so strong after that last experience…if I can take that and survive, i feel like with Your help, I can take on ANYTHING….what do you want me to do next?  I put my arms heavenward making litttle come on motions with my hands, squinting my eyes, smiling, and said “BRING IT ON, I CAN TAKE ANYTHING YOU CAN DISH OUT!” (rather cocky)

Oh man, within a month, did He EVER “bring it on”.

It was torture.  But I knew I had a purpose for being there so I stuck with it despite the pain it caused me….and I learned.  Boy did I learn.   The people I was surrounded with at the time also learned a lot considering where they came from.  Thank goodness it’s now over.   Im moving on.

As Donna wisely said…the phrase is “it came to PASS”, not it came to stay.   The challenges pass and the lessons are learned and we’re all the better for it if we do it right.


I think I’m not going to be so cocky with God anymore.  I need some gentleness and calm in my life…at least for now.