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The Art of Juliana Hutchins


So I was cleaning our family homestead’s “dungeon”.  I got to do it because I’m the only one in the family who has a good strong back (such a blessing I’m sure).  Waaaaay in the back, where the ceiling is about 4′ high is a 40 year old packrat nest.  It’s been there since we built the house.  Ohhhhhhh mannnnn.  I spent nearly 3 hours in that dark nasty place cleaning up the nest.  The entire time my face had that scrunched up “eeeew” look on it.  All together, not including the wood and rocks (the house is built on a giant pile of rocks) the nest was about 150# of just about anything sparkly and disgusting you can name.  Christmas decorations, tools, a lot of marbles, a chain dog leash, coat hangers, fluff from various things, including my old raggety ann that the vermin pulled the hair out of and left the poor bald and torn doll in my bedroom (a bit of trauma associated with that one).  I found a mickey mouse watch that I’d lost when I was a kid.  It’s actually in excellent shape after I knocked a bunch of packrat goobers off of it. (by the way, yes I did wear gloves for this!).  I think I might just wear it again.  All it needs is a new battery and I believe it will be good as new (sorta).  It will have an interesting story behind it anyway! I found the funny plastic tarantula that you see on the right that has a creepy smiley face on it. The little green moth was stuck on it’s mouth in the nest.  I think I will poke a hole in it and use it as a pull for the light chain in the dungeon. Oh and also one of those balls you put on your car antenna.  The Mantruck now sports that. Pretty funny.  Oh and the weirdest and definitely the most disgusting thing I found were several of these…


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