You are gonna need to turn your head for this one.

In the center of this first streetscape of Whiskey Row, since I needed the painting peopled-up, of course I put friends and relatives in it!  There are lots of  the staple characters of the Row, plus friends and family of the owner of the mural, Eddie.  Of course I put a self-portrait in there! (I’m in the middle of the mural siting with a red shirt on, on a bench.   I also included my husband  Ken on the chair near me, my brother Bill and his dog Snookums.  We are all Prescottonians from the way-back when we were kids, so I figured we certainly belonged there!  My photography isn’t so great here, there is some overlapping, but you get the drift.  Now, it’s time to turn your head folks…






So at first I didn’t have all of the people  I wanted in the mural.  After a while, I got really tired of painting and just wanted to be done.  I did this mural for (amongst other considerations) me, and I found myself fussing and fussing over it…maybe a little too much.  It’s just that it was just so FUN to do…but then I got tired.  So after I said it was done, I rested and then went back to paint in a few more important people.  Here they are!   There’s me (under the Wild at Heart store!), my all important MOM, my sweet daughter-in-law Autumn and my son Daniel.  Then there’s the big guy (my husband!) Ken, and sitting next to him is Bill and his faithful sidekick, Snookums.  Then there are 2 random people looking in the window.  I don’t know them.  Then there’s my daughter Laurie’s mother in law Barbara holding up the lampost.  And that’s us…for now.  I forgot to put a cast shadow under Daniel and Autumn so they look like they are floating.  I will correct that when I put in more people at some later date.  The owner of this mural had some more work he wanted me to do in his store, and also wanted some more of his family in the mural for later, maybe in the fall.  Anyway, that’s us!my-fam

These are parts of a group of 3 murals.  There’s the above mural  of Whiskey Row, plus the James Dean Indian motorcycle mural, and next is the Vintage Oldsmobile mural that has the owner’s father as the driver and his dog hanging his big slobbery head out the window…  

Below is part of the James Dean Indian mural.  You can get the whole scoop of what I went through to get this painted and see the whole thing in my painting  progressions section.

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  1. Elaine on March 3, 2010 at 10:09 am

    Looks really great, although my Dad should have been the one in front of Matt’s. lol Can’t wait to see it in person!