One of my best nepotism murals.  This mural is in Prescott Valley at an indoor batting range called Full Swing.  My model was my grandson Brandon. Except he “took a trip to the orthodontist”. Oh, that having magically straight teeth should be so easy As a few strokes of paint!

anyway, here’s my inspiration which I jacked off the internet. imageThanks, whoever took this amazing shot! I wish I knew your name so I could give you credit.  I took that image, had Brandon pose in a similar pose. Didnt use it for the most part, but used and tilted the face of another image.image I needed a kid body and hands so I used the owners’ daughter Sam as my  neck down model. Perfect!  To give you an idea of how big this is, the hands are about 2’x3′.  Its gianormous, the largest person Ive ever done.

Here he is: