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The Art of Juliana Hutchins

Archive for February 2016

EMBRY-RIDDLE 90th Aniv. Mural

EMBRY RIDDLE 90th ANIVERSARY MURAL I LOVE MY JOB! Especially working on this mural. It’s at the flight school by the Prescott Airport. ¬†First, of course, I “had”to go flying to take the references I needed to get the correct angles and features and people requested. But the first time out, I was in the…

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Burmister Bldg Murals

I had the great honor of painting 7 murals depicting our history in Prescott in the building directly across the main entrance of the Courthouse. This building was thoughtfully restored by Cliff Petrovsky to be as much like it was back before the Great Depression. As a kid, the building was always Penneys and Woolworths,…

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