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The Art of Juliana Hutchins

Archive for February 2010


You are gonna need to turn your head for this one. In the center of this first streetscape of Whiskey Row, since I needed the painting peopled-up, of course I put friends and relatives in it!  There are lots of  the staple characters of the Row, plus friends and family of the owner of the…

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Indian Motorcycle mural AND LOTS MORE!

James Dean ’53 Indian Chief MOTORCYCLE MURAL  (and LOTS more!) So the first 3 days of this mural were spent sketching!   LOTS AND LOTS OF LITTLE DETAILS that must be exact!  It’s an Indian Chief 1953 with James Dean sitting on it.   Now since JD’s Indian was a 500 and not a Chief,…

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So the marks are put around the words “tile work” because this is 100% paint.  Not real tile.  Several years ago I worked in a set dept. that did all kinds of sets for plays, movies, events and industries.  The joke when i worked there was the bossman would hand us a piece of wood…

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