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The Art of Juliana Hutchins

Fine Arts


Okay, this was my first water painting, and may I say I impressed myself?  I love the reflections and the way the light dances on the water.  The resource I worked off of, a photograph the client gave me from when her son was there, needed fixing.  I added more buildings and cleaned them up.…

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Okay, not my norm.  But when I drew this, I wasn’t normal!   I got the resource for this pastel from a little tiny black and white picture in the Rolling Stone mag (I own this pastel and any prints I sell, are not for profit…the joys of working off other people’s work).   I…

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This is once again a model from my homegrown model stock, Katie (ahem, now it’s “Kate”).  The original painting of this was burned, along with a portrait of her brother Danny (now “Daniel”!).  I just HAD to redo this painting.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I had my heart into painting this one as much as…

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NO!  IT’S NOT MY PANTRY!   AS IF I’D HAVE A BIG MIXING BOWL OF BREAD RISING ON MY SHELVES!  But do you like the way I “signed ” the mural?  In the R lower corner is my can of  campbells “Juliana” sopa that my mom got me from Mexico!  I read the ingredient list…

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  “Ride of My Dreams” was created after a trip to the Jackson-Barrett car show in Scottsdale AZ.  The place was a sensory banquet of color, texture and people passionate about their cars!  In this acrylic on deep canvas painting, I worked on integrating the cold hard steel and bright colors of the car with…

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Kolb Studio is located at the top of the Bright Angel Trail at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.  It was sold and is in the permanent collection of the Grand Canyon Association.  (see below painting for more of the story!) The idea for the title of this painting came from one of the…

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